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Free textures and images

  • aerial(1)
  • animal
    • fish(1)
  • architectural
    • arches(13)
    • blocks(10)
    • brick(19)
    • concrete(8)
    • decorations
      • carved_stone(3)
      • decorative_features(5)
    • pebbled(12)
    • plaster(4)
    • roofs(1)
    • stone(25)
    • walls(4)
    • windows(20)
  • artistic
    • graffiti(39)
  • birds
    • birds_flying(3)
    • ducks(2)
    • wading-birds(3)
  • bread-loaves(12)
  • chains(8)
  • cities
    • London(10)
  • cogs(1)
  • computers-electronics
    • circuit_boards(1)
  • cooking(7)
  • dumpsters-skips(26)
  • equipment
    • cogs(1)
  • fireworks(27)
  • flags(9)
  • fungus(19)
  • gunge-mess
    • paint(3)
  • ice-snow(2)
  • insects
    • butterflies(16)
    • caterpillars(2)
  • keypads(5)
  • manholes(11)
  • manmade
    • coins(6)
    • gravestones(2)
    • mechanical
      • carbide-lamps(8)
      • engines(15)
      • pumps(6)
      • special-tools(1)
      • steelwork(5)
    • noticeboards(3)
    • paper-money(5)
    • photography(13)
    • surface_textures
      • painted(5)
      • woodgrain(4)
    • tanks(1)
  • misc
    • dead-bodies(65)
    • excrement(25)
    • garbage(9)
    • packaging(6)
  • natural
    • clouds(8)
    • fruit(8)
    • lichen(23)
    • plant
      • wallcoverings(1)
    • rock-stone(4)
    • seashore(3)
    • sky(11)
    • sky-plus(16)
    • sunrise-sunset(4)
    • trees
      • bark(30)
      • trees-structure(11)
    • vegetables(3)
  • nautical
    • flotsam-jetsam(8)
    • rope(6)
  • post_mail-boxes(23)
  • road-highway
    • cones(4)
    • gratings(11)
    • signs(17)
  • rust(6)
  • scanned
    • paper(3)
    • tickets-receipts(5)
  • sequences
    • excavator(3)
    • lookout_tower(5)
    • ocean-waves(4)
    • river-eddies(4)
    • swallows(5)
    • trains(4)
  • shopfronts(17)
  • statues(23)
  • surveillance(12)
  • townscapes(4)
  • transport
    • airport(3)
  • vehicles
    • construction(11)
    • specialized(8)
    • tractors(4)
    • trucks(1)
  • water
    • beach(2)
    • coast-coastal(18)
    • fast-flowing(2)
    • ocean-sea(7)
    • reflections(31)
    • waterfalls(10)
    • white(4)

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Frequently asked questions about our free textures and images

Did you really take all those photos of shit?

Yes - and there are many more that didn't make it onto the site!

Why do you take photos of the sky with nothing else on them?

The sky is never the same two days running. The colour graduates and it's different all over the world. Just look at the blue sky section and you'll see amazing differences and it's all 'just sky'.

Why do you photograph road kill?

It's interesting. The shapes that are left on the road after the animal has gone are a memory of that animal that lives on. When you need an image of a dead pigeon where do you look or 'first you have to catch your pigeon and kill it . . .'.

Why are some images not straightened?

Normally our images are taken with a high-resolution digital camera that records them as jpeg files. This is normal. However, jpeg is a 'lossy' format. What that means is that every time the image is modified then saved there is a loss of quality. Yes, we could straighten the images very easily, but that would degrade their quality. Given the choice between straightness and quality which do you prefer - you can straighten the image easily yourself, but you can never get the quality back.

Why don't you crop your images?

. . . for the same reason we don't straighten them . . . see the answer immediately above.

Why are some images free and others available on subscription?

The average size of our original textures and images is around 3 MB. Add to that the thumbnails, previews and close-ups needed to show the free images and delivery them and you have 3.5 to 4MB per image that's made available for free download.

Multiply that up and every 250 free images needs 1 GB of space on our server, that's a lot of space. When you read the conditions for the so-called 'unlimited' hosting packages you find that they are NOT unlimited. Free image services like this one are specifically excluded too. That means we have to use a paid hosting service, and for the amount of space needed that's not cheap.

We had to decide how to support the service, it's important to us that our images get used so we decided to make them free up to a certain size and ask for a small subscription for the full-size images.

That means that only the commercial projects that really need the originals will pay and most people will use the free textures and images.

Generally our subscription rate is around 10% of what you would pay for a single shot from a well-know agency.

How much are your subscriptions?

You can subscribe at the following rates:

Sterling: £9.99

Most of Europe: €12.50

North America: US$16.50

Canada: CA$19.99

How do you decide on subscription rates?

The subscription rate is set based on the total number of textures and images available for download. We aim to make our rates very competitive. The rates will be adjusted upwards from time to time as the number of available images rises.

Subscribers will be invited to renew their subscriptions at whatever rate they previously paid, which means that there is a good reason to subscribe early before we upload a tranche of new images.

How do I subscribe?

After you have registered you will see the subscribe buttons the right-hand side of the browser window, just click the one that is marked with your preferred currency. Register now